Details & Features


  • Easy to understand results - no complicated metrics, codes, or over-your-head analysis; just knowledge and insights you can use.


  • Targets the day-to-day team working climate by focusing on motivation and attitude factors, not the physical environment or policy issues.


  • Conducted online. Consists of thirty-six (36) items including subjective comment boxes. Takes participants only about 10 minutes.


  • No limit on number of participants.


  • Email goes out to participants who just need to click a link - no passwords required and confidentiality is guaranteed.


  • Affordably priced at $1000 for up to 50 participants, then just $25 per person after that. Everything is including; no hidden charges.


  • Flexible output reports.

    • Whatever your organizational structure, we’ll design the output report so that it makes sense for you. (ie – Individual reports by dept, location, work group, etc.)  


  • Output in PDF for ease of distribution, plus hardcopy.

Everyone wants to work for a strong leader on a great team. 


You can build your team stronger by tapping the knowledge of your people in these six key areas:







Esprit de Corps


Many important changes are possible; changes that are right on target because they started with insights from your team.


Plus we'll help you transform those insights into action with our Team Improvement Process Guide; included your survey report.


You know, there's just nothing better than looking forward to coming to work each day because the team you’re on is solid.


Act now – get a price quote. We'll also send you a sample survey report and an action proposal. Your team is worth it.

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