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A dirty little secret; The ultra-important character trait that managers are rarely evaluated on!


Have you ever worked for a boss who had some issues with losing their temper? Or conversely, one who appeared to not have emotions, no matter what?


The role that emotional response and control play in effectively leading a team is rarely evaluated or discussed, unless it’s way out of whack. It’s a “dirty little secret” that may be overlooked if production and profit are okay.


But what about the team that is suffering behind the scenes with an emotional basket case for a leader? Or the team that works for a cardboard leader who has no passion for leading and supporting the team – nothing fazes them?


Here are five checkpoints regarding emotions that you can use to self-evaluate or coach subordinate leaders who work for you:


  1. I do not take things personally or blame others.

  2. I am even-tempered.

  3. I am personable, likeable, and approachable.

  4. I show emotions but also exercise appropriate self-control; I do not express negative personal views in public when inappropriate.

  5. I do not take things too seriously or too frivolously; I show appropriate concern.


If your evaluations as a leader depended heavily on these factors, how would you fare?  Consider then, what is the impact on your team of your emotional states? They do depend on you.


“Emotional intelligence” dictates at a certain level that we control or utilize our emotions intelligently for the benefit of those we lead and manage. Otherwise it’s just emotional reaction, which may have little intelligence associated with it.


Food for thought, eh?



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