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The acid test: What Makes You a Genuine Leader?

April 27, 2015


This is not a “feel good” article. This is a straight-forward challenge for you; one that flies in the face of what has unfortunately become acceptable these days. It is embodied in this simple truth:


“Genuine leaders devote their best efforts to leading every individual in their charge effectively - every last one.”


Anyone can lead the willing. True leaders lead everyone, regardless of how difficult, different, un-relatable, or challenging they are. There are as many issues as there are people; genuine leaders deal with them all because every person is on the team in reality – period.


These are uncomfortable truths because they make us face our own shortfalls. Specifically, exercising genuine leadership requires us to consistently do what is right for the team over our own personal comfort.


Every genuine leader I’ve ever known possesses this depth of character; this type of humility.


This then is the acid test and the challenge; be a genuine leader by devoting your best efforts toward leading each and every individual on your team effectively.


The payoff for being a genuine leader is worth far more than any amount of money. The payoff is in maturity, character, and honorable service. These are the things we should be striving for these days.


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