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How to take a proper vacation and leave your work behind!

April 20, 2015


I don’t know about you, but working while on vacation can be something of an issue.  Recent surveys indicate that about two-thirds of us find it hard to leave our work behind. God bless our smart phones and pads!


Here are three simple ways to help us take proper vacations.


Delegate, vacate, and recreate.


Delegate to eliminate work you feel like you must do while you’re away; put everything else on hold. If you’re an excessive hands-on type, this is a great time to shed some of that tendency. Let others exercise their leadership and management skills while you’re gone. If you’re a one-person business, put as much as you can on hold. Delegate to free your mind!


Vacate in reality. Don’t try to manage things from the beach; let the one you left in charge actually be in charge. Tell them NOT to text, “CC”, or “BC” you on emails; let them brief you when you return. Accept no emails or texts from anyone but the one you left in charge, and then only if the world explodes. Brief everyone so they understand that you’re going to be “off the planet.” Vacate to free your time!


Recreate yourself. Take the time to let your mind calm, and occupy yourself with fun. Forget about the traffic, what others do wrong, and any cares at all. Lose all negativity, let it go. Mellow out, hang loose, and recharge. Recreate to “re-create” the natural you.


Time for a Mai-Tai and a siesta my friends…. Aloha!


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