Insights in Leadership

Veggies or Cake?

February 2, 2015


When I sit down to dinner, I know I need to eat my veggies, but what I really want is cake!  


It’s easy to succumb to temptation when I only have myself to answer to.


Transition this tendency to the job.  As leaders we have  the power to do what we want much of the time. We can act in ways we personally find comfortable over what’s right for the team. Every leader has faced this and chosen wrong at one time or another, and choosing comfort has become a credo for some.


Extra diligence is required. One way is having a good mentor who will hold you accountable.


Be a better boss  by deciding to act in the best interest of your team over your own wants and needs. Involve your mentor in this, as both a coach and accountability partner. 


Doing the right thing for your team requires humility, and they deserve that kind of genuine leadership. So do you. 



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