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We all have to deal with other people and our natural preferences can make that difficult at times.


An Example: Jill and Jack are co-workers. Jill is a "data driven" type of person while Jack is a go-with-the-flow "intuitive" kind of guy.


They recently went on a business trip to advise several field office locations. Jill spent weeks planning their itinerary in detail, while Jack, on the other hand, stayed out of her way. He felt like they should just let the plan develop while they were out there and go wherever they thought they needed to.


This resulted in some tense moments between them during the trip as Jack felt restricted at times by Jill's plans, and Jill felt like she'd wasted her time when Jack wanted to deviate from her plans and follow his nose.


Does any of this sound familiar to you?


At work or at home, the MBTI can help you understand your own and other's zones of comfort and discomfort better so you can interact with them with increased understanding and skill.


When you get your MBTI from Be a Better Boss!, you get:


  1. The hard-copy MBTI Form M Instrument;

  2. A copy of the "Introduction to Type" workbook to help you understand type and type dynamics in your world, and;

  3. A thirty-minute 1-on-1 telephone coaching session with a Certified MBTI practitioner.  



Get your MBTI with 1-on-1 coaching, just $149


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MBTI Workshop for Groups and Teams


Conducted at your offices or location of your choosing, the MBTI Team workshop is four hours (4 hrs) long - works great as a "10 to 2" session with working lunch.


Affordably priced at $179.00 per participant plus travel costs for the workshop facilitator. Please request a no-obligation quote and let us know what you need.


We'd love to help you build your leadership team!


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