Details & Features


  • Easy to understand results - no complicated metrics, codes, or over-your-head analysis; just knowledge and insights you can use.


  • Targets the essential skills of effective leaders and managers.


  • Conducted online.Takes participants only about 10 minutes.


  • No limit on number of participants.


  • Email goes out to participants who just need to click a link - no passwords required and confidentiality is guaranteed.


  • Output in PDF so you'll see your profile quickly.

Your team deserves you to be the best leader possible.


Likewise, you deserve the personal reward of self-confidence that comes from being the most effective leader you can be.


The Leadership & Management Effectiveness (LME) Profile gives you insights from the most reliable sources ever created - those who know you.


Learn how they see you in these ten areas of leadership competency:


Communication - Feedback - Emotions - Teamwork

Delegation - Judgment and Decision Making

Self-Management - Organization and Planning

Leadership & Influence - Honesty and Integrity


Then let the LME take you through acting on this knowledge to make meaningful changes.


Like the best leaders you know - when they find something that needs fixing, they fix it - and that’s what makes them the best. 


Get your LME now - it just might be the best $149 you’ll ever invest.



Save $50 - Special limited time price now $99

For your team


Are you Interested in multiple copies of the LME Profile for your leadership team? We'll be happy to send you a volume discount quote, just ask!

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