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“Bonita is an exceptional manager, leader, and coach.”
I am honored to receive such feedback, and I want to help you receive the same.

My unique Consult & Coach Approach™ is tailored to your specific needs. We’ll use a combination of consulting and coaching to examine your specific challenges, discover new insights, and develop a personalized plan.

I’ll be your trusted partner as we co-create a space for you to:

  • See your strengths clearly, understanding how to best align with your professional and personal goals
  • Level-up your leadership mindset
  • Identify areas for action and adopt techniques for accountability
  • Improve your relationships at work and at home
  • Increase employee retention and your business bottom line
  • Unlock your full leadership potential
  • Be a Better Boss

As junior leaders, many of us initially adopt a management style by watching the other leaders around us. We emulate their behaviors without necessarily evaluating whether they are good or bad, effective or otherwise - not because we don’t care, but because we aren’t necessarily taught how to be leaders. This can lead to stress, overwhelm, and even failure.

Growing into higher levels of responsibility, we change and grow, but not always for the better. We may hold on to antiquated models of leadership, failing to capitalize on our strengths or forgetting to tune in to the needs of our workforce.

To be the best boss we can be, we need training, development, and coaching, not just around the managerial hard skills, but also in the art of becoming a leader - becoming the best boss you can be. I’m here to help, support, and champion for you.

My Philosophy

At all levels of leadership, there’s an opportunity to BE BETTER. The most astute leaders understand that their success begins and ends with their teams - both as individual contributors and through their collective efforts. And to get the most from your teams, you must first understand yourself as a leader.

Growing from a young general manager within a global non-profit, to senior executive roles in organizations in the United States and abroad, I made my share of mistakes - and learned something from each. Each step of the way, I evaluated my management decisions and shaped my leadership approach.

With 25+ years in management roles including operations, HR, technology, training and development, I’ve honed my management style, leading to happier, more productive teams, increased retention, and significant positive impact to the business bottom line, reflected in revenue. I work hard to bring out the best in leaders and their teams. Now I help other leaders and organizations do the same.

Over the course of our engagement, I’ll serve as your advocate, cheerleader, and accountability partner. Let’s become partners on your leadership journey, discovering how to grow beyond your job title and be a better boss.

Giving Back

Each year I dedicate 100+ volunteer hours to causes close to my heart. Working with organizations such as FourBlock and Veterati, I mentor US military men and women as they transition to the civilian workforce. I provide assistance in areas such as interviewing, resumes, networking, certifications, and general transition support in both professional and personal endeavors.

About Bonita

Be a Better Boss is led by Bonita Harriston a proud global citizen and avid traveler. She holds a Bachelor of Science in International Relations and completed graduate work in communications at Johns Hopkins University. She is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where she served as a Linguist and Analyst. She has education and training in multiple languages, holds a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP), and is a Certified Professional by the Society for Human Resources (SHRM-CP).

Bonita earned the professional designation of Certified Coach from the Coach Training Alliance. She serves clients in public and private sectors around the globe.

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