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Be a Better Boss was founded on the belief that certain core paradigms are essential to sound leadership, and among them, these three in particular:


          1:  Leadership is influence.


          2:  To be intentionally influential, leaders must be aware of how

               their influence makes others think and feel.


          3:  A leader's focus should be outward; toward their team.

               They should do what is right for their team above themselves.


While many of today's leaders seem to have a primary focus on output, we believe that genuine leaders base their actions on the tried and true; classic values that have served leaders so well.


We therefore endeavor to bring you our admittedly biased insights, consulting services, and publications to help your team develop and strengthen as genuine leaders.


Your leadership is reflected in their lives of those you lead; we hope you find our work impactful and helpful to you.


In closing, please let me wish you happiness and success.



Robert Stephen Walsh, MBA

U.S. Navy, Submarine Service, Retired





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